Established in 1917 – Domclean Limited is proudly celebrating over 100 years of providing quality cleaning services to industrial and commercial clients. We are a privately held Canadian corporation dedicated solely on providing professional cleaning services and supplies.

Like our clients – Domclean shares a solid commitment to Quality, Worker Safety and the Environment. As validated through our ISO 9001 certification – we take pride in providing quality services, achieving high levels of Customer Satisfaction and a strong commitment to Continuous Improvement. Domclean is very focused on training and ensuring the Health & Safety of our own employees and those of our clients and their visitors. We also guarantee that all equipment is always in working order and supplies fully stocked. We are a sustainability conscious service provider with an emphasis on green cleaning procedures and products.

Domclean takes a flexible approach to provision of services and we adapt to each client’s particular needs. Your requirements today may change tomorrow and we are committed to successful long-term relationships. Based on our expertise and role as a proactive partner with our clients – we endeavour to review your established cleaning programs on a regular basis and offer cost effective solutions to meet your objectives.

Domclean has the resources and infrastructure to fully support our Operations team for optimal performance. We provide quick response times and all employees and managers are personally committed to ensuring your Customer Satisfaction. Managers and Site Supervisors ensure that work is being completed and that satisfaction is being achieved on a daily basis.

We are members of these important industry associations and use their resources and education to our fullest advantage:

BSCAI – Building Service Contractors Association International since 1973
ISSA – International Sanitary Supply Association since 1959
ISSA Canada (formerly CSSA) – Canadian Sanitary Supply Association for over 50 years

Benefits of dealing with Domclean Limited

  • Over 100 years of experience in industrial and commercial cleaning
  • Third party Accreditation through ContractorCheck and Avetta
  • Local District Managers to ensure Continuous Quality
  • Daily Supervision and Daily Quality Inspections at every site
  • 100% self-performing for quality control; no subcontractors are used
  • Low ratio of managers to cleaners to ensure that work specifications are being met, sites are adequately supervised and that meeting customer satisfaction is always a priority
  • Company-wide commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement
  • Quality site inspections through Orange QC and frequent client meetings with the Senior Management team
  • Innovative management team who works closely with clients to provide our expertise and proactive advice to your evolving needs
  • Green products and methods and experience with LEED, BOMA BEST and CIMS
  • Thorough employee training and Health & Safety programs
  • Authorized Tennant-Nobles, Karcher, and Windsor dealers and repair service; machines are repaired within 48 hours or additional, back-up machines sent
  • ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Program – certified since 2000
  • Ample insurance coverage and WSIB Clearance Certificate
vnitage poster advertising domclean services

Circa 1957

Quality Policy Statement

Domclean Limited is committed to providing quality cleaning services and products. We recognize our responsibilities for managing quality and have established a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements. Quality at Domclean is the responsibility of every employee. Domclean will use ISO 9001 as our quality system platform and strive to continuously improve our processes to meet or exceed customer expectations and satisfy all applicable requirements.


Domclean Limited takes pride in providing the newest, most innovative products and equipment so our staff can perform their tasks in the most effective, efficient and productive manner. A comprehensive training package allows our staff to work smarter; accidents and injuries are frequently reduced or eliminated to the benefit of everyone.

We are also very focused on the specific needs of our clients. Some training items, programs and documentation varies from site to site due to client requirements, Specifications and Scope of Work.

Under the direction of our Human Resources Manager, Health & Safety Co-ordinator and equipment and product specialists – the Site Supervisors and District Managers continually instruct, direct & monitor employees for compliance to our client’s cleaning specifications and expectations.

In addition to orientation training and regular refresher training – all employees including management, cleaning staff, administrative staff and technical staff also participate in mandatory bi-weekly Safety Talks.

No employee is allowed to use supplies, chemicals, equipment or perform duties without completing and signing off on Domclean training. This is true for initial training and when new products, equipment and/or methods are introduced on site.

In conjunction with strict Head Office guidelines – each employee is thoroughly trained by a Site Supervisor or District Manager on all aspects of their job including:

  • Domclean Limited policies and procedures
  • Client policies and procedures
  • Client/Site Specific Rules & Regulations & programs such as LEED, BOMA BEST and CIMS
  • Clear understanding of clients’ objectives and Commitment to Customer Service
  • Job Description with a complete review of the cleaning specifications for the particular areas and tasks
  • ISO 9001 training
  • Health & Safety Policy & procedures
  • Annual WHMIS training & test
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Employment Standards
  • Quality Inspections
  • Communication
  • Proper & safe operation of equipment, chemicals and supplies
  • Review of SDSs
  • General cleaning & disinfecting procedures
  • Preparing floor surfaces for various operations including different procedures for different types of flooring
  • Floor scrubbing, burning, finishing and stripping procedures
  • Carpet spot removal, extracting and interim cleaning procedures
  • Any specialty cleaning or other duties including instruction for any special or delicate cleaning duties where extra care is necessary to protect the client’s property
  • Requirement to report security or damage issues that should be brought to the customer’s attention for repair such as plumbing issues, light bulbs and such
  • Accident Reports and Investigations


At Domclean Limited – we strongly believe in using new, up-to-date machines that are appropriate for each task at each account. Properly maintaining our equipment is also a huge priority at Domclean. In fact – Domclean Limited was one of the first building services contractors in North America to begin using scrubbers over 60 years ago.

By having reliable equipment on site – we always make sure that we are meeting client expectations and maintaining your facility at the highest standard.

We partner directly with key, leading manufacturers such as: Tennant-Nobles, Karcher, Windsor and East Penn. We keep large inventories of equipment and parts on hand at all times.

From large industrial ride-on scrubbers to small canister vacuums – Domclean Limited always ensures that our cleaners have the correct pieces to comfortably and efficiently perform their duties.

Machines meet LEED, BOMA BEST and CIMS requirements and we always ensure that staff are fully trained for their own safety and that of the building occupants and to ensure peak performance.

We always maintain a large fleet of back-up equipment, which can be used while a machine is being repaired and for extra, periodic work. We can also use this equipment to assist our clients with emergency clean-up such as floods, etc.

Domclean Limited has been offering expert repair services for over 60 years. Our Repair Services Department focus is on customer satisfaction on quality repair services; minimizing customers’ downtime; and prolonging the life of our equipment. Our fleet and all parts and repair work is tracked through our Asset Management System to benefit our Operations and to meet LEED, BOMA BEST and CIMS requirements.

We repair or replace a broken machine within 48 hours or less.

Planned Maintenance Programs are customized for each machine to prevent downtime, reduce overall repair costs and increase the life span. Repair Services Technicians visit sites to perform Planned Maintenance on all equipment to ensure: it is operating at optimal levels; staff are using the pieces correctly; replenish wear and tear parts in not ordered monthly; create additional Service Orders as necessary to address specific repair issues; deliver replacement equipment. Refresher/new hire training is conducted as required.