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Why Outsource
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This is the most frequently asked question from potential customers. The struggle with the decision to outsource the cleaning services versus in-house services may seem complex. While not to be taken lightly, the decision is a simple one to make once you view the facts.

You Canů but we will !

  • Create a healthy, clean work environment
  • Show your staff and customers how much you care about them
  • Train staff on all aspects of cleaning
  • Supervise after hours cleaning staff
  • Supply replacement staff for sickness and holidays
  • Buy and stock all cleaning supplies and equipment
  • Meet regularly with new product and equipment sales people
  • Attend equipment manufacturer factory training
  • Order and replenish washrooms supplies
  • Assume Health and Safety Risk
  • Prepare annual Cleaning Budgets
  • Repair and Maintain the equipment and replace batteries
  • Benefit From Years of cleaning expertise


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